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Missing Teeth?

Single Implant

Regain a Beautiful Smile

The best option for replacing teeth that have been lost or extracted is dental implants. They are durable and stable, allowing you to chew a variety of foods in addition to returning a full and beautiful smile. Unlike dentures or bridges that rest on top of your gums, implants are anchored below your gums like a real tooth, and are just as secure. You can obtain implants for one or many teeth or even replace your dentures completely. Patients who use implants instead of dentures will no longer have to worry about slippage when talking or eating, and implants stay in place at bedtime. Because the entire process, from implant placement to crown fabrication, can be completed right here at Infinite Smiles , you won't need to be referred to another office.

Bridge vs. Implant

Overdentures Prevent Dentures from Slipping

If you are tired of loose dentures, you might want to consider stabilizing them with implants. Overdentures are a recent breakthrough that anchors your bridge or denture with strategically placed implants for a great fit and an improved look. Once you eliminate the problems of slippage and trapped food, you will have more reason to smile with confidence.

Comfortable, Attractive Dentures That Fit

For some patients, traditional dentures are the best option. With a breakthrough in design and fit, we can provide natural-looking, slip-proof dentures! Our technique anchors the denture plate so securely, you no longer have to worry about the foods you eat or that your dentures might move out of position. We can make the life of a denture-wearer so much easier.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable Complete Dentures


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