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Orthodontics Treatment in St. Louis, MO

Straight Teeth in Just Six Months!

Six Month Smiles Dentist St. Louis MOHave you endured uneven teeth, crowding, or gaps in your smile because you thought it would take years to correct? New technology has made orthodontics a whole new world. By moving just the teeth visible when you smile, we can help you get the smile you've been craving with Six Month Smiles™. This procedure uses thin, clear bands that are barely visible. Teeth are gently moved to the desired position using a low-force method that takes only a few months – not years. Office visits for adjustments are minimal, and in six months, you will be saying hello with a new smile!

Invisalign - ClearCorrect - Clear Dental Braces St. Louis MO

Invisalign and ClearCorrect

Fast, Virtually Invisible Straightening!

Patients who have overbite, crossbite, underbite, crowding, or gapping and want a fast, complete solution are achieving success with Invisalign™ or ClearCorrect™. These invisible aligners – similar to whitening trays – can straighten teeth in just 9 - 15 months in most cases. Traditional braces, wires, and even headgear are eliminated, which means no mouth irritation. Being able to remove the aligners allows brushing and flossing to be easy, and eating and drinking whatever you want during treatment is another huge benefit. But the part patients like best is that they are invisible. No one can tell you're straightening your teeth! Think about the confidence boost this provides. During treatment, you change the custom-made aligners about every two weeks. Each new aligner brings you closer to your goal of a beautiful smile.

Traditional Orthodontics, Modernized

Dentistry is a field of continual advancement, and orthodontics are no exception. For an affordable, time-tested option, consider traditional braces. We can make them attractive – using clear brackets, for example – and more comfortable than ever. Instead of the old 3 - 5 years a patient used to spend in braces, today 6 - 24 months is more frequently the anticipated time frame. Every patient has unique needs, so call today to allow us to help you determine which option is right for you.

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